Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dot To Dot 07

This Sunday sees the return of Nottingham's no.1 music festival, Dot To Dot but as my university sees it fit to give me 3 exams in 3 days in the last week of term, i very annoyingly can't make it. I say very annoyingly because this year boasts the best line-up the festival has had in its 3 year existence. Many a funfunfun loved band are playing and i probably could have been busy running around the grotty streets of Nottingham between venues to catch the hottest bands from midday to midnight...non-stop. But NO...i'll be stuck in the library, revizzling.
Anyway to celebrate this ace line-up, here's funfunfun's 7 top tips to catch if you can.

Gallows (Rock City Basement)

Aggressive, frantic, crazed punks from Watford. Put on an amazing live show from all accounts. Produced funfunfun's 3rd best album of 2006 and won't be back on our shores until September as they're touring the States on the Warped tour.
Gallows - Abandon Ship

Scout Niblett (The Social)

Only just found out about Ms. Niblett's quirky, etheral, minimal tunes. Sounds a bit like PJ Harvey and its usually just her singing over just a guitar or a drum. She actually comes from Nottingham but now lives in America, so will be a bit of a homecoming show.
Scout Niblett - 12 Miles

Foals (Rock City Main Hall)

Oxford's finest jerky dance inducing, tight as hell, guitary poppers will make your shake your pants and shout along to their numerous anthemic tracks. Been plying their trade pretty mcuh everywhere recently from Austin, Texas at SXSW to Brighton at The Great Escape and got a rousing reception everywhere from what i've heard.
Foals - Balloons

Emmy The Great (The Social)

A funfunfun favourite for over a year since i saw her support Tilly last May. Things this year haven't moved as quickly as many thought for Ms.The Great but a support tour with Emma Pollock from The Delgados and an ep out this summer are a step in the right direction from this honest, cute and brilliant performer.
Emmy The Great - Gloria (live)

Blood Red Shoes (The Social)

They make one hell of a noise for a two-piece. Think of a more grungy, much better White Stripes and you're almost there. Punchy and to-the-point with lost of charisma and a pretty lead singer. Very good tunes too. Well worth a watch.
Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down

You Slut! (Lee Rosy's Tea Room)

Epic riffs, riffs to stomp your feet to, riffs to punch your fists to, riffs to shake your head to, riffs that will make your eyes glaze over and stare blankly into a blinding light for minutes, riffs that will melt your face, riffs that will make your feet move in strange ways. With You Slut! its all about the riffage.
You Slut! - Roofio Shoots, Roofio Scores

Love Ends Disaster (Nott. Trent Uni)

Another Nottingham based band - You Slut! are from Notts too - and another one who produce some cracking tunes. Along the rock-pop vein of things, LED songs contain melodies a plenty and some real rocking out while keeping it all tightly wrapped in the wonders of a three minute pop song.
Love Ends Disaster - Ladders

Whether you take my tips or see who you like, even The Cribs, i hope everyone who goes has an amazing time. For venues and schedules check out the festival's website so you can plan your day, completely with running time between venues and toilet breaks.


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