Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Mix Up

I was as much anxious as i was excited about hearing this album for the first time. An all instrumental album by The Beastie Boys...those obnoxious looking, VW-sign wearing young white kids who always had lot to say and weren't afraid to say it. To be honest, that was twenty years ago now and in that time they've produced progressively more mature material - thats what growing up does to you. 2004's To The 5 Boroughs found a more introspective, political Mike, Adam and Adam voicing their concerns about the world and the States in particular.
So The Mix Up leaves The Beasties without a voice, without their weapon of choice, unarmed but this isn't unfamiliar waters for the Boys as they did start out as a hardcore band, playing all their own instruments...ok the album isn't exactly hardcore, there's nothing core about it at all but it definately puts up a barrier to prevent any all-out attacks. Its funky, loungey, there's a bit of porn groove going on at times and it only skims the cheesey layer on a few occasions. Its interesting as well, there's alot going on unlike some instrumental albums were it gets tiresome after a couple of tracks, there's enough cool little riffs and basslines and samples to keep me happy and grooving for the whole album. Its like they're still trying to fight for their right to party, only this time its more like a dinner party and you know theirs would be the coolest dinner party ever.

The Beastie Boys - The Rat Cage
The Beastie Boys - The Cousin Of Death


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