Monday, May 14, 2007

Slow Club Session

There must be something in the water up in Sheffield. Over the last couple of years, the city has consistently produced bands of utter quality, none more so the unsigned delight that is Slow Club. Funfunfun stamped them with its seal of approval at the start of the year and the sprightly duo have not let us down. They've taken their playfully quirky little shanties up and down the length of this isle, pretty much touring constantly with bands such as Tiny Dancers and The Noisettes, and have won over many an audience with their tales of swallowing your own eyes and falling through the earth over a soundtrack of plucky guitar, odd percussion and jolly vocal interplay. They popped into Maida Vale a few weeks back to do a session for Huw Steven's awesome Radio 1 show, which was aired last Thursday and i loving recorded for you guys.
You should definately try and catch them live, which should be easy as they are playing literally everywhere in the coming months and they release Because We're Dead on Moshi Moshi on June 25th so buy it. It will make your Summer even brighter!!

Slow Club - Because We're Dead

Slow Club - I'm Alive
Slow Club - Sunday


At 6:48 AM , Anonymous Matthew said...

I very much like these guys, and never heard of them before either. Excellent.

At 3:54 PM , Blogger Tim said...

glad you like them.
introducing people to new music is the reason i started this blog in the first place.

At 2:09 PM , Blogger The Daily Growl said...

I downloaded these tracks last week but have just got round to listening to them now. Wish I had earlier. They're great!

At 4:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw this band a few months ago, classic good music. love them.

At 7:42 AM , Anonymous Mana said...

Interesting to know.


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