Friday, May 04, 2007

Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies

This track starts off at such a furious pace. A crazed, unstoppable drum beat pounds its way to the foreground while behind it strange electronic blips and bleeps strain to be heard over the top of it. Even when Dan Friel's vocals come in, which are both enchanting and melodic, and soar to their peak and the distorted guitars flair out with huge chords, that beat is still there forcing you to listen, making sure you stay because something amazing is going to happen...and then the horns start and now the drums aren't most important part of the track anymore. Its sounds like the most amazing superhero theme ever, like Parts & Labor have taken John Williams' Superman theme and thrown boulder-like chords and one huge drum sequence at it until all thats left are these broken, tattered but beautiful remains. This is the alternative music of the future.

Fractured Skies is the first track off Parts & Labor's forthcoming album Mapmaker, out on 22 May on Jagjaguwar


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