Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Strange Death Of Liberal England

I always seem to find awesome new bands when i go to gigs with my brothers. Last time, when i went with Sam, i saw Situationists and this time - well this was a month or so back - i caught The Strange Death Of Liberal England with my bro Joss at a DrownedInSound night. They pretty much blew the 3 support acts off the stage with their intense, creative and passionate performance. Never once chatting to the crowd between songs, they held up signs, adorned with phrases such as their name and "We Are Bandini", while simultaneously switching instruments.
I suppose if i was lazy, comparisons to Arcade Fire's intense stage presence, fiery, epic climaxes and instrument swapping could be written but TSDOLE have an angrier edge than Montreal's finest, a cutting-ness(?) and an imagination that highlights them as something special. Probably better comparisons could be made with some of their British peers such as Cats And Cats And Cats and Yndi Halda, but again TSDOLE beat these for passion and flair. I mean they pierced the skin of a snare drum from intense beating during their finale, if thats not the sign of an intense, great performance i don't know what is.
They've just released their debut single, A Day Another Day, on Fantastic Plastic Records. Its definately worth checking out. In the meantime, here are a couple of tracks i found:

The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Mozart On 33
The Strange Death Of Liberal England - Motor On The Sky, Oil On The City


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