Monday, April 30, 2007


I think i may have found one - well two really - of my tracks of the summer. Robotville is essentially Hari Ashurst, songwriter, guitarist and general ringleader of collective of musicians who create pop styled indie thats both cute and cool simultaneously, a feat not managed by many. I Am Hiding An Elephant (Parts 1&2) is an mini epic, seemlessly spilt into two sections, about moving to Paris and becoming a romantic. Its floaty and summery but with charisma and charm enough to grab hold of you for the whole 5 minutes of breezy goodness. It reminds me a bit of how i felt about Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn And John when it came out last summer.
Things are looking good for the band, having received airplay on college radio in the States and a UK and US tour planned for the summer. Their ep is out now, which contains a track featuring acclaimed Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon. It doesn't sound like a match made in heaven but surprisingly it works...really darn well. So go and investigate them for yourself before the summer's gone and its too late

Robotville - I Am Hiding An Elephant (Part 1)
Robotville - I Am Hiding An Elephant (Part 2)


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