Friday, March 23, 2007

Kat Flint

I've been meaning to post about Kat for ages now but it just seemed that me or Kat were never free enough to sort it out, then earlier this week an email appeared in my inbox from Kat, containing tracks off her debut ep, The Secret Boy's Club, so i set to work on this straight away.
Kat Flint resides in London and has been singing, playing guitar and performing for a couple of years now but is one of best unsigned talents on the ever-increasing British folk scene. You would guess she was unsigned if you've heard any of the 6 tracks of her debut. It sounds so accomplished, confident and for something recorded a living room, it sounds so sharp and clear. Its not just your girl with guitar standard either, there's plenty of instrumentation here too, from percussion, penny whistles, glockenspiels and kazoos, so there's hardly a moment to be bored.
Kat sings about junkyard ladies singing lullabyes, crushes, letdowns; weaving witty and clever lyrics with intricate but catchy melodies and serene harmonies, creating a beautiful web of sounds and images that tangles you up completely and you find pieces of it in your head for days after.
I've heard on the grapevine that she puts on a great show as well, intimate, personal and good fun were some of the adjectives used so i can't wait to catch her as soon as possible. She's in the process of recording and producing her new album, which she needs a wee bit of help with. Just for a small donation you could get a special, pre-release copy of the album, you just missed the cutoff point to get to get your name in the sleeve notes, but if you purchase the cd, look out for funfunfun mention. Woop Woop!!! check out her myspace for more info.

Kat Flint - Fearsome Crowd

Kat Flint - Anticlimax


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I like this! Thanks for sharing :)


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