Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SPAM! New Final Fantasy

That's right! Final Fantasy, a.k.a Owen Pallett, a.k.a creator of funfunfun's second best record of 2006, has released a new track. Off a compilation cd from the twice yearly magazine Esopus, which comprises of 10 tracks, each from 10 different artists, inspired by the annoyances that are spam emails in your junk inbox. FF's contribution, entitled Flare Gun, is bouncy and jerky and pretty much what i've come to expect from a Final Fantasy release, pure quality. He's been announced for Latitude Festival in July for all us British folk, so i'm now very tempted to get a ticket, or hoping he announces a London show to go with it.
Thanks to Good Hodgkins for posting the track, also check the Final Fantasy/Cadence Weapon radio session on that blog, its fan-bloody-tastic!

Final Fantasy - Flare Gun


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