Friday, March 23, 2007

Kat Flint

I've been meaning to post about Kat for ages now but it just seemed that me or Kat were never free enough to sort it out, then earlier this week an email appeared in my inbox from Kat, containing tracks off her debut ep, The Secret Boy's Club, so i set to work on this straight away.
Kat Flint resides in London and has been singing, playing guitar and performing for a couple of years now but is one of best unsigned talents on the ever-increasing British folk scene. You would guess she was unsigned if you've heard any of the 6 tracks of her debut. It sounds so accomplished, confident and for something recorded a living room, it sounds so sharp and clear. Its not just your girl with guitar standard either, there's plenty of instrumentation here too, from percussion, penny whistles, glockenspiels and kazoos, so there's hardly a moment to be bored.
Kat sings about junkyard ladies singing lullabyes, crushes, letdowns; weaving witty and clever lyrics with intricate but catchy melodies and serene harmonies, creating a beautiful web of sounds and images that tangles you up completely and you find pieces of it in your head for days after.
I've heard on the grapevine that she puts on a great show as well, intimate, personal and good fun were some of the adjectives used so i can't wait to catch her as soon as possible. She's in the process of recording and producing her new album, which she needs a wee bit of help with. Just for a small donation you could get a special, pre-release copy of the album, you just missed the cutoff point to get to get your name in the sleeve notes, but if you purchase the cd, look out for funfunfun mention. Woop Woop!!! check out her myspace for more info.

Kat Flint - Fearsome Crowd

Kat Flint - Anticlimax

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jetplane Lands After Long Delay

After a 4 year long wait, Irish/London four piece Jetplane Landing are back. In the time following their last album, i've become quite a big fan of the band. There's something about the riffs and flow of their songs that really catches my ear. They always seem to be trying something new and whether it works or fails - it usually works - at least they're trying to be original and creative.
The new album, Backlash Cop, is stated to be released on June 4th and if Lungs Of Punk, track 4 off the album, is anything to go by, the band are still on form. It starts with a drum intro and then kicks in with the punchiest of guitar riffs and Andrew's familar singing/shouting/rapping stylee. There's a little bit of porn guitar and then back in with that awesome riffage. The lyrics are obscure as usual but sound really good. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Bring on June!

Jetplane Landing - Lungs Of Punk

Sunday, March 11, 2007

No One Would Riot For Less

Saddle Creek have put up a track off Bright Eyes' forthcoming and muchly anticipated album Cassadaga. Its called No One Would Riot For Less and is pretty much your standard Oberst affair. It's distant and despondent while still feeling personal and true. I don't want to say too much about it for two reasons, firstly because its 2 in the morning, i'm knackered and i need to get up early tomorrow but secondly because i think the music says enough for itself. Enjoy.

Bright Eyes - No One Would Riot For Less

Cassadega is out on April 9. I can't wait!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Wave Pictures

I've been meaning to post about these guys for such a long time. I heard about The Wave Pictures from Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs, who raved about them like there was no tomorrow. It was then a really huge surprise when i found out that my brother used to play in a band, called The Refuseniks, with the Wave Pictures' drummer Jonny.
The Wave Pictures hail from the village of Wymeswold but only formed their contemporary line-up when they met Jonny in Cardiff. They now reside in London and they sort of fit into the up-and-coming antifolkish scene that is sorta taking over the capital, with the likes of Emmy the Great, Jerermy Warmsley, Tim Yen Ten and Johnny Flynn. Having already toured with Herman Dune and Jeffrey Lewis, these guys are pretty experienced in the terms of touring and they have definitely picked up a few things on the way.
Frontman David's vocal may take a bit of getting used to, they seem a little bit smarmy and condescending at first, but once you've listened to the lyrics they fit really well. And the instrumentation is amazing. I was meant to check them out a few weeks back in Nottingham, supporting Lisa Le Lund at Lee Rosy's Tea Room, but they had to cancel at the last minute but my bro saw them in Cardiff and said they were awesome. He said they play the "baddest" (meaning goodest) ukelele solo he's ever seen - i don't know the precise number of uke solos he's seen but i'm guessing that's a compliment- so definitely worth checking out.
Here's a couple of track and if you like these, there's loads more at their website

The Wave Pictures - My Kiss
The Wave Pictures - We Sugared Our Apples

Monday, March 05, 2007

Tilly And The Wall + The Little Ones @ The Rescue Rooms, Notts

Mother Nature must have known that two of America's most sunny bands had arrived in Nottingham last Monday as for the first time in months that bright yellow star was visible in the Midlands sky and everyone seemed that little bit more upbeat. This atmosphere must have been epicentred on The Rescue Rooms as warmth and smiles seemed illuminate even its gloomiest corners.

After having to watch a piss poor set by The Displacements (the lead singer didn't even take off his coat), who thought they were The View/The Libertines/any good, I managed to push my way to near the front to catch The Little Ones. The Californian 5-piece arrived on stage, all smiles and joy, which pretty much describes their sound, its all cute and cheery, but its nothing inspriarional. There's enough hand-clapping and little catchy singalong bits to keep me entertained for a half hour set but beyond that i could see myself getting bored quite quickly. One of their songs started like She Wants To Move by NERD but it eventually turned into another sun-soaked 3 minuter. They finished their set with Lovers Who Uncover, the most accessible song of their recent mini-album Sing Song, and then they were gone, probably to take their sunrays to another place.

Tilly And The Wall have been up in my top bands ever since i discovered them a year or so ago. They create an atmosphere live that i haven't felt at many other occasions. Bursting onto the stage as usual, with their dancing, stomping, shouting intro, after a little guitar feedback from new member, Mason, and just never stoppped from there. This was the first time i'd seen them with the extra electric guitar work from Mason and it really seemed to add something to the songs. Whereas on cd they've many-an-instrument at hand layer on top of their sweet indie pop songs but sometimes live, when it was just the five of them, some of the tracks seemed a little thin but the addition of an extra six-string fills in all the gaps, although i'm still waiting for the trumpets on Bad Education.

They played materials from both albums and a new one!!! It began with a feet-beat driven dance routine bit from the girls until it broke into one of the most aggressive songs i've heard from them. There was lots of swearing and shouting but it still sounded like Tilly and with a nice singalongable bit, it was still as catchy as ever. The finished the set with The Ice Storm.. and then came back for an encore which consisted of Pictures Of Houses, which was incredible and as usual Night Of The Living Dead, and then left to big ovation. Probably the best performance i've seen from the Tilly lot and from the amount i danced and sang along, the most fun too.
They're releasing The Freest Man, their 3rd single off Bottom Of Barrels, in March with a remix of Sing Songs Along by Hot Chip, which i can't wait to hear.

The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover
Tilly And The Wall - The Freest Man
Tilly And The Wall - Pictures Of Houses

There's some more photos of the gig at my flickr