Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome To Our TV Show

Jeremy Warmsley invites you into his house to view his musically minded friends perform mainly acoustic tracks. You've probably already aware of Welcome To Our TV Show as the first show was aired back in January but over the past 4 shows they've had funfunfun favs Mystery Jets, Noah & The Whale, Emmy The Great, Johnny Flynn past through to perform little ditties and I've discovered the likes of FrYars and Emma groves through its wonders.
The newest episode is no excpetion to the talent with Moshi Moshi's finest Hot Club De Paris, The Wave Pictures and Slow Club all filling the tiny flat with themselves and their wonderous tunes.
Take a look for yourself
Part 1: The Wave Pictures + Hot Club De Paris

Part 2: Slow Club

Here's a couple of my favourite sessions from the show so far

Emmy The Great - 24
Jeremy Warmsley (feat. Emmy The Great) - The Boat Show
FrYars - Ides

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Safetyword RIP

Too many good bands these days are meeting early graves and Bristol's Safetyword are the latest victims. Not stating any reasons and, seemingly, completely disappearing from the net - both their myspace and site have been deleted - its quite an abrupt ending for an equally uncompromising band. It was a shock to me as when I interviewed them from Drunken Werewolf magazine back in November they were very enthusiastic about their band and its future.
As a parting gesture the band recorded their last ever recording session, which you can order from them for free. Its odd and uneven but a captivating listen nonetheless.

Safetyword - Foxe's Book Of Martyrs
Safetyword - By Jove!

To get your own copy of the recording, just email your postal address to splawsplawsplaw(AT)hotmail(DOT)com.