Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jeffrey Lewis @ The Social

We arrived at the venue just as Jeffrey Lewis was finishing one of his low budget movies, having got a little bit preoccupied with drinks at home, but the venue was packed out and the atmosphere was great. That caused a minor problem of not being able to find a good place to watch from, as the layout of The Social is less than considerate for latecomers with the two huge speakers blocking out half the stage if you're standing in the wrong place. Luckily i managed to squeeze my way into a suitable position and relaxed back to watcha master at work. Jeff, accompanied by his brother, Jack, on bass and keyboards and a drummer, played most of his set from his latest offering, City & Eastern Songs, with a couple of oldies thrown in. It was a performance of intelligence, distorted guitar, energy and fuzz, very lo-fi and utterly brilliant. He gone up in the world as well since the last time i saw him, now performing one of his low budget movies, Champion Jim, using a projector, instead of him standing on a chair with comic book in hand, straining to be heard over the noise of the crowd, which i prefer really, but its great to see him trying new things. He finished with the rampant Man With The Golden Arm and a wall of fuzzy guitariness, it was awesome!!
Didn't really pay enough attention to Danielson, who were headlining, to write about them. By the time, the drink had more than had its effect and i was chatting to Jack and my friends but i wasn't too keen on what i heard, that squeaky voice doesn't do it for me.

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis - Art Land
Jeffery & Jack Lewis - Man With The Golden Arm

Thanks to FooBart and Three Pink Monkeys for the pics (they're not from the Notts show btw)


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