Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday funfunfun

Funfunfun is 3 today! This old girl's celebrating.
Looking back to my first post, it's amazing what funfunfun has turned into. I'm very proud of it.
Over the past three years, I don't feel like I've opened up as much as I should have on this blog so in the next few days I will let you know things about me. Like my favourite gig, or my favourite albums from when I was younger. Just a bit of info so I can connect with you, my readers, a bit more. And remember you're more than welcome to let me know yours in return. Just leave a comment.

Also other exciting news!
I've started a new blog. Its called A Sonic Reaction and its an arts blog but each bit of art is inspired by a piece of music. It should be quite interesting and whatever happens it looks amazing. I'm going to try and update it quite regularly and if you fancy contributing to it, just give me an email. So go and take a look.


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