Friday, July 18, 2008

Nowheres Nigh

New Parts & Labor!
I'm very excited about this. After loving last year's Mapmaker, in particular opening track Fractured Skies, I was highly anticipating and rather anxious about their new output. Could they continue with the intensity and ingenuity of Mapmaker? Well... they may have.
Their new album Receivers comes out in November over here and the first track available off it, Nowheres Nigh, is the most pop-friendly song they released. Mellow vocals and a subtle ringing guitar float out of your speakers and it could be any American alt band, it sounds a bit mundane. Horrified I listened on and breathed a sigh of relief when I hear the glitchy oscillations of synths and the hammer of distorted six-strings, supplied by new recruit (and hottie) Sarah, that typify a P&L recording. There's more vocals than usual, or they're clearer in the mix, and the drums have been push back to a less prominent position which gives the track a less powerful, more accessible feel. They sound like a standard four-piece band in places, but luckily pump the grungey guitars and keys enough by the end of Nowheres Nigh to make it more than standard.
Not the most inspiring initial listen but there's plenty in there to keep me hopeful for the goods come November.

Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh


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