Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bookhouse Boys

Over the month or so that i've have been absent from this blog I have had music bombard me from all angles and quarters. TV, magazines, gigs, festivals, websites, emails even just walking along the street, all of varying quality and I shall divulge you with some of them in the near future. The first ones I want to bring to your attention is The Bookhouse Boys.
An email plopped into my inbox only a few days back from the London 9-piece and I haven't been able to stop playing their track Dead since. With so many in the band, you'd expect them to make a racket and they certainly do. The intro to Dead is a bombastic, deafening surf riff, like riding on a 50 foot wave made of lava and full of sharks, it breaks into a commanding country verse, sounding a bit like Murder By Death, who they are in fact supporting at The Borderline later this week, before crashing into another big, trumpet-fuelled riff for the chorus. Its abrasive and confrontational but catchy enough to enjoy first time and I bet they put on a great live show.
Already working hard on their debut album, which is set for a August 18th release, theirs is a name I'd drop in casual conversation as sure to be big soon.

The Bookhouse Boys - Dead


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