Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blamma! Blamma!

Firstly i'd like to apologise for my disappearing act over the last month or so. With finishing Uni, graduating, catching up with friends and being lazy i've neglected funfunfun and all its readers but as you can see its had my wholehearted attention over the past few days and things have changed. What does everyone think about it? There's still a few things to tweek here and there but i think it looks quite sexy.

Anyway lets get back to the music and opening the all new funfunfun are Blamma! Blamma! These London based guys caught my attention when i saw that they had remixed Blood Red Shoes' last single Its Getting Boring By The Sea, turning it from rocking indie anthem into a dancefloor-filling beast. But it was their remix of Headland's Dogging Sisters which really got me excited. Its disturbingly hectic, sporadic and electronically ominous intro leads to a doof-doofing dangerous track which eclipses the subtle and slightly boring original with some massive bass and the sounds of a cranky R2-D2. Its definately some of the most exciting dance music i've heard for a while so here's everything i could get my hands on and there's more to be had on their myspace.

Blood Red Shoes - Its Getting Boring By The Sea (Blamma! Red Shoes Mix)
Headland - Dogging Sisters (Blamma! Blamma! mix)
Headland - Love Hate (Blamma! Blamma! Morgasm mix)
Maximo Park - Our Velocity (Terminal Velocity Blamma! mix)


At 2:00 PM , Blogger jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

loving the new blog look. and cheers for the Blamma! ever since the Blood Red Shoes EP leaked i can't stop listening to that remix.

At 4:03 PM , Blogger Tim said...

cheers Jamila, it took a frustrating 6 hours to get it to this but i'm quite proud of it.
Listen to the Dogging Sisters remix, its incredible

At 10:05 AM , Anonymous disaster said...

yeah, love the blamma


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