Friday, August 03, 2007


Vestibles, Inlets' debut ep, has been sitting on my computer, keeping itself to itself, for a good few months now and i'm really not sure where it came from. Via email? Myspace? Maybe it somehow just snuck through the phone wires and slipped itself between The Indelicates and Ivor Cutler on my playlist, waiting to be discovered.
I know i didn't get the ep on first listen, it was too slow, too easy to just let it pass you by, there was nothing that clung on to your ears and made them pay attention and so it was left to gather dust - probably the reason i don't know where it came from - but then i recognised the name on the latest Take Away show and so, intrigued, gave the videos a watch.

This time it hit me. The setting, autumn, Central Park, on a boat, on a rock, on a hill, all seemed to capture the natural nature of the music in all its stripped down and untouched beauty. The vocal harmonies and softly played instruments washed over me and instead of passing me by, as they did on that initial listen, surrounded me and, along with the camerawork, evoke such wintry feelings that it literally gave me chills.
Now i can listen to the ep and get these feelings each time and on multiple listens more and more subtle elements seem to appear out of the music, as if lying in wait until it was their time to be heard. Now i only wish i knew how i got it.

Inlets - Pictures Of Trees

Inlets - You Are An Effigy
Inlets - Roots On The Sidewalk


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