Saturday, August 19, 2006

This Is A State Of National Emergency

I love zombie films. They're just so badly made and stupid but the shoddiness endears them to me. I love the fake blood, the always pathetic blonde girl and the way the characters always seem to do the stupidest things, which usually ends up with them getting munched.
We just had a zombified night round my house with some friends. Played the boardgame Zombies! while watching the original Dawn Of The Dead, it was awesome. My friends thought the black guy in it was Laurence Fishburne but it so isn't. I'm sure its the guy in Final Destination who they meet in the morgue, I'm sure!!
To celebrate my love for all things Zombie, here's a few fleshing-eating tunes:
Jeffrey Lewis - If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul
Two Wooden Spoons - Zombie Jambouree
Tilly And The Wall - Night Of The Living Dead
Send More Paramedics - Nothing Tastes Like This (mmmm zombie-core!!)

p.s. That Tilly And The Wall/Absentee gig in a library that i mentioned has been cancelled. Refunds can be received at the info desk in the library
p.p.s. If you haven't already vote on the Friday Face-off, see the post below for details!!!


At 5:16 AM , Anonymous Mr k said...

Bummer about the library gig eh? I'm semi pleased because I never got around to buying a ticket!

As for zombie type bands, might be worth looking into Zombina & The Skeletones, 'Nobody Likes You When You're Dead' is a good poppy number.

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Tim said...

good call on Zombina and the Skeletones. They're good fun

At 11:33 AM , Anonymous Widgett said...

They thought Ken Foree was Fishburne?'re kidding, right? They were joking, right? Please don't make me feel any older than I already do. :(

At 4:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

its clearly samuel l jackson

At 6:01 AM , Anonymous El Prez said...

tsk, how unreliable are these bands. it's a good thing you're guaranteed top quality entertainment here...

Fortuna POP! presents
The Beat Hotel

With bands…

The Grave Architects
+ Slow Down Tallahassee

plus Fortuna POP! DJ playing indie, punk, soul and 60s

Friday 25th August 8pm til late
Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, London N1
Nearest tube : Highbury & Islington
Tel : 020 7359 6191
E-mail :

Advance: £2 from ticketweb
Door: £3

Born with a broken heart "The Grave Architects" have picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and written their way to the top, garnering praise from the NME, plays on Radio Nottingham and a mention on the local council website along the way. Since forming in Nottingham (July 2005) "The Grave Architects" are now seasoned hands at the pulling heart strings out, stretching them once around the funny bone and plucking them to the wet crash of tiny tears. Think a hopped-up Jonathan Richman, or maybe The Rockingbirds, if anyone remembers them. Currently in the process of recording an LP at First Love (Nottingham's finest recording studio), early indications suggest that you may well throw away the rest of your records on the grounds that they are now 'worthless'.
“Nottingham’s own broken-hearted, The Grave Architects, haven’t even played ten gigs yet in their short career as a band, but already something special’s going on. (

tELLEY formed in 2005 and comprise of Jim from Spearmint, Silvi from Mikrofisch, James previously of The Scaramanga Six and Rene from Basingstoke. It all came together quite by chance, says Jim, I had a whole load of songs that werent doing anything, James had just moved back from Australia, Silvi had moved to London from Cologne looking for a band to join and Rene was waiting for a taxi that never showed up. We just put the pieces together. Scratchy guitars, ferocious drums, cut and paste keyboard noises all pinned together with simple melodies. Like your favourite band before they were famous.

Influenced by The Shangri-Las, The Breeders, Leonard Cohen and Doris Day and bound to one another by blood-oath, Slow Down Tallahasse are an enigmatic, fearfully foul-mouthed foursome. They'll seduce you in one breath, and hex you with the next, with songs that are both vengeful and romantic; at times a flurry of harmonies and handclaps, and at others, delicate and bare. Inspired by the paintings of Henry Darger, the writings of Dorothy Parker and Pablo Neruda, girl groups, playground gangs, beatniks, fashion and folklore, they somehow found each other and the fun began. Join their gang, and you'll never be lonely again...

At 10:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zombina is great live! Saw them at Mathew Street Music Festival this year - fun! Loving the fake blood - although I wanted to hit all of the non-dancing emos around me.

At 6:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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