Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Its Like A Festival In A Pod

Calling all Londoners, can you hear me? All the way at the back? Yeh? good good!! Well just thought i'd inform you about a great little gig in Camden next Tuesday. Four unsigned bands, a dj til one in the morning and the chance to re-live the experience again via the wonder that is podcasting, what more could you want. Organised by BitJobs For The Masses, Podfest showcases the talents of The Foxes, Goodbye Sergeants, Paisley Riot and Light Brigade, who have all appeared on the website's weekly podcast, which focuses on Britian's huge and gifted unsigned scene. Its at the Purple Turtle, just outside Mornington Cresent tube station and should be a great night. For all the information check out their site here
Here's a tune from each artist to wet your appetite:

The Foxes - Run

Goodbye Sergeants - Over So Soon
Paisley Riot - Crackerjack
Light Brigade - Attraction


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