Monday, June 15, 2009

Eureka Brown

Its not often that I stumble across something on Myspace that has such an instant impact on me but when I first opened Eureka Brown's page and the first notes from ¡Digitalia! stampeded from my speakers I knew I'd found something special.
I think it was the drum sound on the title track that did it. It sounds like someone hammering an oil drum and it gives the track a mechanical feel but the rest of the instrumentation is so warm and tropical that the contrast creates a unique tension.
Their album
¡Digitalia! is ten short bursts of fuzzy and beautiful pop which all seep into one another to create a constant stream of psychedelic space-waves that washes over you in twenty short minutes.
Due the duo's love of file-sharing (I think that's what
¡Digitalia! is about) you can download the album for free from their myspace, along with their first album Future Vision Of The Digital Universe.

Eureka Brown -
Eureka Brown - Mystical Crystals

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