Sunday, June 07, 2009


Cheatahs are the solo project of Canadian born, London-living, guitar/vocalist in Little Death, Nathan Hewitt. He creates his distorted, spooky and slightly awkward pop songs all on Garageband in his bedroom and they have such a gorgeous edge to them.
Some Powers feels worn, like your favourite hoodie that has holes in the cuffs and you wear only when you want to be really cosy. The sound that Garageband gives Nathan's acoustic guitar is full and scuzzy like a scribble with thick felt-pins. There's something haunting in the vocals. They are very melodic and melancholic and the contrast between that and the fuzz of the instruments lends the track an off-kilter quality.
I can't wait to get his debut 7" out on Young & Lost Club on 30th June

Cheatahs - Some Powers

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