Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rachael Dadd @ 12 Bar Club

(My picture of Rachael Dadd performing hasn't turned up yet so here's a pic of my dad)

The 30th of May was a perfect example of a summer's day. The sun was high and bright, the breeze was ideally cool for people to lounge around in parks, smiling and i had finished my last exam, was free for the holidays and had returned to my hometown to see the wonderful Rachael Dadd delight me with her gorgeous and subtle folky numbers. Ms Dadd has such a beautiful, mellow, easy voice, which partnered with her superb guitar playing makes her a wonderful performer and tonight, accompanied by her fellow harpist, Rory, and Rozi Plain on harmonies, the tiny stage at the 12 Bar radiates and glows with the stories and images implanted in your mind by her entrancing songs. Sometimes when she was in the middle of one of her passionate and absorbing numbers, it felt like she was singing just for you. This personal experience was also due to Rachael's sweet and charming onstage, and offstage, demeanour. She tells tales, jokes aroung with the audience and got us to contribute by making clippidy-cloppidy noises throughout her song about a horse, which was great fun. If you are going to Truck, definately try and catch her because, whether i like it or not, Rachael Dadd is heading for bigger things, i just hope that i'll be able to catch her again in such an intimate venue again

Feast your ears on these:

Rachael Dadd - Swimming For Gold
Rachael Dadd - Foroyar

Check out her myspace for a few more tunes and info
If you like them, rock on over to Rachael's site and buy a cd, they're grrrrrrreat!


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